Since 2011, Sorini has partnered and commited to contribute USD 261,500 with Habitat for Humanity in Indonesia (HFH-Id) to build more than 40 houses for people in need in Bogor (West Java), Surabaya (East Java) and Lampung.

During the year, Sorini has donated nearly USD 50,000 in support of HFH-Id’s goal of eliminating poverty housing and homelessness, in addition to improving school sanitation facilities.

As well as providing financial support, the partnership mobilizes Sorini and its group companies’ employees to volunteer by helping with construction work, training and implementation. Our volunteers select families eligible for receiving assistance, study existing houses and build or renovate according to the needs of the families.

Our volunteerism aims to develop a sense of social responsibility both at a corporate and individual level.

Established in 1997, HFH-Id is a national foundation headquartered in Jakarta. It is a member of the global organization Habitat for Humanity International.